The No Command

We would like to introduce you to at least 5 basic commands, that you should teach your pug puppy. Each one is of importance and you will soon, after successful training, see how it makes your living together a lot easier and more secure.

The No command is defenitely one of the most important commands your pug puppy has to learn. I think it should be the first command to teach, since it will be used in many situation throughout your pugs life.

As with any other command, you have to be always able to follow through.
Means that you should not just say No but then give in and let your pug puppy do what it wants.

The puppy has to realize that once issued, it has to comply with the command. That’s the only way your pug puppy learns how to obey your commands.

Whenever the puppy does something it is not supposed to, you have to make clear that this behaviour is not acceptable. Say “No” loud and clear, with emphasis. The pug mom would have done something similiar. If the puppy did something she thinks is not right, she would growl at it.

Lets say your pug puppy tries to get to a book that is laying on the coffee table. Say No loud and clear. Your puppy should react to this, it might be looking at you with questions in its eyes and then either understand what you want to say and leave the book alone, or continue to try to reach the book.

In case your pug continues with the mischief, pick your puppy up, point it with it’s nose to the book and repeat “No” in a stronger voice than before. This should make things clear.

Remember, never give in after you said “No”. And also keep in mind that you have to issue the command right after the evil deed!

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