The Heel Command

The heel command will help you and your pug to stay safe and together whilst walking through crowded (confusing for dogs) or distractive areas.

The heel command tells your pug to walk beside you, idealy his shoulders next to your leg, no matter which direction you take or how quickly you turn.

Most pugs will learn this command quickly, especially since they want to be with their owners wherever they go. As always, choose an environment that is not distractive to your pug puppy and have some treats with you.

Make your pug sitt or stand beside you, leave the leash a little bit lose. Then start walking slowly and say the heel command (the word you use is up to you, but then don’t mix it up ;-)) and control the distance between you and your pug with help of the leash.

Repeat the heel command as soon as your pug tries to walk faster or slower than you. Say it load and strong and enforce your order by a jerk on the leash.

Your puppy will understand that it did something wrong and will follow your lead. After you gave the command and pulled your pug to the right position, praise him for doing it right!

He will know what you want from him, what he has to do to gain approval.

Remember though that training lessons should not last longer than a few minutes. Puppies have a relatively short attention span.

Once you mastered the heel command in quiet environments, continue the training outside, on the sidewalk and even in the dog park.

You will soon see how convenient it is to cross streets and crowded places with your pug puppy beside you, not having to worry about him trying to run off or pulling forward as if being on a mission.

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