The Down Command

The Down Command is very usefull if you want to groom your pug or want to check his body for lumps or abrasions.

After your pug puppy mastered the sit and stay commands, you can begin working on the down command.

You should use this comand only when you want your pug to lie down, never when you want him to get off the couch. Mixing this up will cause confusion.

Make your pug sit in front of you. Take a treat and hold it close to his nose, slowly bring your hand down to the ground. Your pug will follow the treat with his head and neck, this is when you give the command “Down”.

Eventually, your pug puppy will very fast clue in, that, if you give the down command, a treat (or, good words, petting) will be given as an award if he obeys the command.

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