The Come Command

The next most important lesson after the no command is the come command. For this command to work, your puppy has to know it’s name.

To teach your puppy it’s name is simple and won’t take long. Repeat it’s name constantly, use this name everytime you talk to your pug puppy.

Understand that this come command could save your pug’s life when you two venture out into the world. Your puppy should always obey the come command without question, but not associate it with fear.

It’s of importance that your pug’s response to his name and the word “come” should always be associated with a good experience, such as receiving a treat, praise and petting.

Use the come command when your pug puppy is already on it’s way to you or give the command while walking or running away from it. Then clap your hands and sound very excited and happy about having the puppy join in on this game.

A perfect time for using the command is when your pug sees you moving away from him, while you two are walking through a for your puppy still strange surrounding. His natural inclination will be to get close to you, because young puppies want to stay close as close to their owners as possible, especially in strange surroundings.

As your pug puppy grows more independently and headstrong, you might want to attach a long leash to it’s collar/harness to ensure the correct response.

Do not punish your pug for not obeying the command, doing so would make the puppy associate the command with a negative experience, something to resist.

Remember to praise and pet your pug when he does come to you, even if he has a delayed reaction.