What You Need to Know About Pug Ear Infection

What is an Ear Infection?

Ear Infection, or, in medical terms Otitis is the inflammation of the ear and is very commonly seen in pugs.

What are the Signs?

The pug will scratch the infected ear(s) or an adjacent skin surface, or rubs the head on the ground, sometimes violent head shaking may occur. An offensive odour may develop, and fluid purulent discharges may be seen.

The pain in the ear can, depending on how severe the otitis is, be so strong as to make an otherwise placid pug agressive whenever the ears are touched or approached.

What is the Cause?

The condition has a variety of causes, including bacterial, fungal and yeast infection, ear mites (Otodectes), and foreign bodies such as grass seeds.
Allergic conditions such as atopy and food hypersensitivity may be responsible for the skin irritation in and around the ear and for general itchiness.

Excessive moisture in the ear seems to be an important cause of otitis. Wax deposits build up and hair may drop into the ear lying near the ear drum, causing the first ear infection.

What is the Treatment?

Cleaning the ear with a mild detergent solution helps break down any wax.
Vegetable oil may be poured into the ear as a safe first aid application.

Severe cases may need to have the ears repeatedly syringed out under sedation or general anaestetic and surgery is recommended for those dogs where the ear has been irreversibly damaged by chronical or unremitting inflammation.

Sometimes courses of tablets might be prescribed. for more info about pug check our homepage https://pugs.cc