Things You Need to Know About Anal Sacs

Anal Sacs are paired organs, sitting on either side of the rectum. The secretion that comes from this organ is brown, has a thick consistency and has a (what we human would say) bad odor.
They were once serving the purpose of scent marking or self defense (like a skunk is using it), but some domestic animals have lost the ability to empty these sacs by themselfes.

Eventually, the secretion will fill up the anal sacs. Furthermore the secretion will become thicker in its consistency and it might become very difficult to empty the anal sacs.
The secretion might then rupture through the skin and cause a lot of pain to the pug.

What are the Signs?

The pug will scoot its rear to the ground, attempting to empty the sacs this way.
Some pugs might chase their tails or lick their anal area.

What is the Cause?

The anal sacs of the dog that lost its ability to empty them voluntarily, will eventually fill up with secretion and cause discomfort to the dog.

What is the Treatment?

You can express the anal sacs by squeezing the two sacs (at the five and seven o’clock positions) in and up toward the anus, when bathing the pug.

Treatment of the infected anl sacs might involve daily hot packaging of the area or antibiotic administration.

In some cases flushing of the sacs with antibacterial solutions is required

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