How to Find a Good Pug Breeders?

If the shedding and snoring and the noises don’t bother you, you will now have to think about where to get such a little cutie.

You might have walked through malls and seen the pet shops there, which offer very often puppies. You might think that’s an easy way to get a pug and sometimes you see a pug puppy sitting in a cage looking at you with these sad, bubbly eyes.

Pet stores often get their dogs from puppy mills, in other words dog fabrics, in which they get produced, not breed. Very often these puppies are ill, have genetic problems. The dogs in a puppy mill are hold under inacceptable conditions, mostly in way too small cages and only server one purpose: to bring in money by “producing” puppies.

If you want a healthy, happy and socialized pug, you should find a reputable breeder. A good breeder will show you the parents of your pug-puppy, you will see the environment in which the puppy grow up. Also a breeder will be able to give you answers to all your questions about pugs, how to train them, housebreak them and further.

Good breeders care about their little puppies, so they will ask you about the environment you can provide, your experience with dogs and they only give their puppies in good hands. Very often, they will give you the option to return the pug to them in case you, for whatever reason, cannot keep it.

A reputable breeder you can find through Pug Dog Clubs, where they are registered. Or maybe you know someone who has pugs and can tell you were they got their pug. Another good resource are Pug Meetings, like they are to find in nearly every big city. You can get in touch with pugs and their owners, hear about their experiences and you will, if not get an address or phone number of a breeder, mabye even meet one there.

You might also want to visit pug-community sites such as, or You will find there pug owners from all over the world and I am sure that someone can suggest a good breeder near to where you live.

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