Pug Guide

Since so many people on the street are asking me so many questions, many of them are about where my owners got me and how expensive I was, I decided to give you some advice how to get such a cute pug and what you have to think about before you consider this.

Is a Pug the right dog for you?

Before you consider getting a pug, ask yourself what you promise yourself from having this kind of dog. Here are a few Characteristics of Pugs:

  • extremely cute, their whole live
  • not aggressive at all
  • because of the short nose they are limited in long runs and even walks in the hot weather
  • sensitive to cold and hot temperature
  • they like your attention most of the time and they will do sometimes very strange and funny looking things to get your attention. Some say pugs are little clowns, they show off to make you laugh and love them even more.
  • they snore when they sleep, can be really loud considering their size
  • they will try to hypnotise you with their big and sad eyes, so that you give them more food (that’s why there are so many overweight pugs). People with a very soft heart might overfeed their pug, which leads to health problems and limits their ability to walk and run even more
  • they shed a lot, despite having only short fur
  • they are hyper, a pug puppy is a “Live Wire”. They need about 2 years to grow up and even then, it still needs around 3 more years until they become somewhat sedate.
  • they love children (must have something to do with their size)
  • they aren’t as easy to train as many other breeds.
  • they shed terribly, despite their short fur
  • they come in fawn or black

In summary, Pugs are companion dogs, they want your attention and to be with you all the time.

What a pug can give you is unlimited affection and Loyality. They crave your approval, so pugs will try to do near to anything to please you.

On the following pages you can read about how to find a pug breeder, the breeds history, the pug standard and you will find a list of health issues typical for the breed.