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Even pugs need training, believe it or not ;-).

Successful training depends a lot on how much a dog desires his (or her) master's approval, pugs strife to please their owners and will do everything to to gain approval, which makes pug owners very fortunate.

When you get your puppy at around 8 weeks of age, you are adviced not wait long but start soon with the training. You should not forget that your cute pug is a descendant of the wolf.

The wolf mother plays with her cubs and at the same time teaches them what they may and may not do. The pug puppy, just as it's wolf ancestors, must think it is having fun in order to learn.

You should never allow a pug puppy to do something you would not want it to do as an adult. Nipping your hands or feet, jumping on you, refusing to give up a toy might be funny, but allowing it to do so encourages negative behaviour, which will continue into aduldhood and be very difficult if not impossible to stop.

The puppy has to be absolutely confident of it's role in the "pack", it's human family. It's position must be below every family member, which has to be established on the very first day the pug puppy enters your house and has to be kept this way.

Be sure not to "overwork" your puppy, the lessons have to be short but repeated often and success should be awarded by petting and giving out treats.

The following pages will explain how to housetrain your puppy and how to teach it to follow some inportant commands given by you.
The training section of is still not completely ready, every addition made will be anounced in the news on the index page and in our RSS feed.

If you have any suggestion or ideas on what to add/change in this section, feel free to contact us using the contact form which is available through the menue on the left.

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