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Most of the movies you can find here play on every mediaplayer. If on your system that's not the case, have a look at this free codec: FFDShow. It will help you play pretty much all kinds of videos on your computer.

Pug movies, newest on top:

Attacking the one carrying the money

One night we went to the bank to make a deposit! Tullia really liked the empty, big hall and the fact that we carried money with us and no witness was anywhere near. I captured this with the camera on my phone, the file will work with quicktime player and windows mediaplayer should play it too.

Pug-Attack (size: 191 KB)

Candy Paper

A few days ago, I found a brown little thingy, sized like a mouse, on the floor. Thought I would check it out, but then it started to move. I got so scared!
(She sniffed on it and with this blew it away from her ;-))

Candy Paper (size: 1.25 MB)

Dances with Bears

Kuma is quite wild, biting everything and everybody, jumping and dancing around like crazy. Long time ago, I used to be like this too, but it's so hard to remember the old times... when you have things in your head, like biting and jumping and dancing.
Er....ehm...I mean sleeping, beeing nice and mature, yes mature!

playtime (size: 395 KB)

My new friend the bear!

Mom and Dad decided to be foster parents to a cute little puppy.
Her name is Kuma (which means baer), just look how cute she is.

Little Kuma (size: 395 KB)

Birthday gift number 2: The even meaner Dragon!

Ok, the caterpillar isn't friendly, but this dragon is even worse. It can speak and steals my fish all the time.

dragonstolefish (size: 549 KB)
dragon (size: 147 KB)

Birthday gift number 1: The mean Caterpillar!

I got a few new toys for my birthday and destroyed half of them still the same day. However, this one scares me!

caterpillar (size: 432 KB)

Flying Fish or What Fish Can Fly Without Its Fins!

My fish secretly learned to fly, although I removed its fins long time ago. I finally found out how fishy managed to do that, now I am able to take it down by performing some special turns and jumps.

fish1 (size: 1.13 MB)
fish2 (size: 1.1 MB)
fish3 (size: 1.2 MB)
fish4 (size: 250 KB)

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