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Pug Pictures 6

Tullia drinking        
Thank you daddy for letting me push my legs into your stomach!         

Tullia in deep thoughts    Tullia's new jacket
The conversation between mom and her girlfriend       That's my new jacket, which was one
inspired me to to philosophise about life.                            of my birfday gifts.

Tullia's new jacket 2    Tullia sleeping in funny position
Me and my new jacket again. Doesn't it fit nicely?          After stuffing my tummy with all the nice birfday food,
                                                                                            I got so tired, I hardly made it to the bed.

birfdaygift before     and after...
I got this cute toy for my birfday, too. Looks nice, eh?                      And this is two days later.....                                                                                                  the brain surgery didn't go well ;-(

Tullia's everyday-spot     three out of four 1
   My "everyday-spot", right behind daddies back.                      Lizzy and me beleaguering daddy.........

three out of four 2     doesn't get cuter than this .......and mommy. She served us well as a pillow! ;-)              At the pug meeting at the beach, we meet this cutie.
                                                                                                     She has the most beautiful face!

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