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Pug Pictures 5

Tullia on her way to the pug meeting        
On our way to pugs on the beach. See how nice I behave.         

Tullia getting excited    Tiny pug puppy
But the closer we got to the beach, I got          First thing we saw was this little tiny pug puppy.
excited, wanting to swim the last metres.          

pug puppy getting attacked    Tullia being helped to swim
Which, apparently, was already very fast and clever.      Then daddy "helped" me into the water, I tried to swim
                                                                                             as fast as possible back to the dry land.

Tullia swimming     Tiny pug
           Help! Help! It's sooo wet and cold!                      Whilst I suffered in the water, this puppy enjoyed life.

Tullia escaping     Pug puppies playing
   As soon as I got out of the water, I run up this hill,              Then another, even tinier pug puppy arrived.
           away from the water and from daddy.                                His name is Mopsy, how fitting ;-)

Lyana holding a pug puppy     Tullia and me Lyana got to hold one of the puppies. Aren't they cute?      On the way home, Dad tried to convince me to climb                                                                                       a few rocks with him. But I didn't trust him anymore.

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