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Pug Pictures 4

pug vs rottweiler       
That's Kuma and me fighting about who gets to the food first.         

Sleeping doggies    Kuma and doll
After lunch we both took a long nap, close      Kuma eventually stole my doll and carried it around,
to the kitchen.                                            with her, even slept on top of her, so I couldn't get her back.

hiding pug    pug on the beach
Since Kuma was all into fighting and playing rough,          Sundays we went to the beach, together with Anastasia
I decided to hide here (bottom shelf of the coffee table).            Kuma stayed in the shade, while I enjoyed the sun.

Lenny and Tullia     Eating Pugs
Passing by Nelson Park, we meet Lenny and his daddy.       He was so nice and shared his food and water with me.

Pugs playing

And then we started playing the way pugs do it best!

To my advantage, Lenny was leashed and couldn't act as fast and quick as me.

By the way, Lenny, if you read this: you have the cutest eyes of all the pugs I ever meet!

Pugs meeting

The next day we went again to the beach and met Albert.!

He had a nice toy with him, which I really liked for it's fluff on both ends..

As you can see, he placed it in front of himself, to provocate me. But I am a mature person, er, pug and do not fall for these kinda games!

Nightly walk      Tullia meets Star Kuma and me on a nightly walk. She was not really into             Lucky for, me, we met star shortly after we left
playing, but I tried hard to convince her! I am a night owl.            the house. And he is always up to something!

Tullia Suprised
Did you call me?

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