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Pug Pictures 3

   bird nest sunset beach         Pug bathing to cool down
I discovered this nest in a bathroom at sunset beach.         On a hot day like this,
You can't imagine the noise the birdies made.                   a pug has to seek chilling.

   Pug fooled again           Pug drinking water
Daddy fooled me into standing underneath this thing.    Vancouver really is a pug paradise,
And all of a sudden it started to rain!                    You will find fresh water on every corner.

Pug climbing up a rock

Each time we go for a walk, daddy gives me
a climbing lesson.

Some people might think that pugs cannot climb,
we want to prove this wrong.

By now, I am already sometimes faster than dad
when its about climbing up a small hill or a
formation of rocks!


Pug invading the city

The time has come, pugs are taking over the world!
Or, at least, Vancouver ;-)

Maybe you realized that the population of pugs in
Vancouver grew during the last year.

That is not a coincidence but a thoroughly planned operation.

Today Vancouver, tomorrow the whole planet!

tiger in the macstation    Pug taking a nap Mom and dad went to say hi to this beautiful tiger,        After long hours of working on my pugs page, I am ready
I wasn't allowed to be near it. They said that tigers    for a nap. If only daddy would not bug me with his camera.
eat pugs, but I have never heard of this.
I think they were just affraid that I would steal the show ;-)

Evidence of destruction:

teddy without arms   a pug's mischief Teddy has no arms anymore, the head is the next target.    The garbage bag stood in the hallway for about 15 minutes,
                                                                                           which was apparently just enough time for tullia
                                                                                               to get to the remains of chicken and noodles.

Pug meets pug      Lizzy the pug Going for a short walk in the evening, I met Lizzy!                    She is such a adorable pug lady. We will have
She will be with us for a whole week soon!                                                lotsa fun when we pug-sit her!

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