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Pug Pictures        Pug Pictures
Hm, I made it up here, but how to get down?   So, you think I cannot get up there? I can do it!
                                                                                            Mommy, help!

Pug Pictures
One evening we went to Stanley Park and found this very nice playground. I got to try out all these huge toys there.
First I was a little affraid of the slide, but then I started to like it a lot.
I finally found the perfect position for optimal speed (nose down and bum up).

    Pug Pictures     Pug Pictures Then I saw these things, called swings, but couldn't make them move. Daddy made it move for me and I got a little dizzy, but liked it very much. From here I have a nice view over the whole playground and can think of which toy to try out next.   (She really didn't want to come down from the swing anymore, I guess the view was just too nice.)

   Pug Pictures    Pug Pictures
  Our relaxing spot. We come here to read and chase birds.      How beautiful! Maybe I can make friends with him.

   Pug Pictures    Pug Picturesh
     Ok, see you tomorrow! (I think he dumped me ;-(......)       Look deep into my eyes! Now repeat: I will buy you a
                                                                                     hot dog on the way back! And treats, and a new fluff toy!

Pug Pictures
Hehe, you lost! I arrived here already 5 minutes ago. You have to start jogging again!

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