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Pug Pictures 1

   Pug Pictures       Pug Pictures         That's my new Taxi. I can hardly stand in it,              Me and my aunt Anastasia.
              but the view is worth it!

   Pug Pictures           Pug Pictures                  Hrrmphf, nyam (or so).                Hm, there must be some kinda food underneath the log.                                                                          Just have to find a way around the others.

       Pug Pictures                   Pug Pictures
   This guy has food in his pockets, I saw it, I saw it!     Only if you manage to crawl through here, I will marry you!
(Note by Sebastian: She was in heat at this time and male dogs liked her a lot suddenly.)

   Pug Pictures    Pug Pictures          Thats me and my friend Kisha digging together.                          Everybody wants to kiss me ;-),

(Why do pugs have to crawl around between/underneath our legs? There is so much space at the beach but no, they have to squish their noses right in there, mostly all of them together.)

                        Pug Pictures           
Something scary happened during the pug-meeting. Stanley Park and Downtown got eaten by the fog. And I left all my toys back home ;-(. Luckily our house was still standing, phew!    (She doesn't know yet what fog really is)
Pug Pictures
The shock sat deep, but she was so happy that our house
was still there, that she fell asleep right away.

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