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Tullia's pug picture galleries, newest on top:

  • Birfday!
    Yes, I have had my second birfday. I feel a lot more mature now!
  • Wet and Cold!
    I nearly drowned! Yes, you heard right. We also meet a few cute puppies, each one cuter than another.
  • Meeting Friends!
    This was the time of meeting old and new friends.
  • Pug Invasion!
    That was the day pugs took over the world and discovered some nice fountains in downtown Vancouver.
  • I love playgrounds!
    I discovered a playground at Stanley Park and fell in love with the slide. Yes, pugs are allowed there, if you wonder! ;-)
  • Mean Fog
    Downtown got eaten by the fog and I got my very own pug taxi.
  • My first birthday
    We went to the beach and I met a few new pug friends. And because I didn't get enough gifts, I ate mom's credit card.

Pug Pictures

These pages are all about pictures of our own pug, Tullia.
The First Year Gallery contains 9 galleries in chronologic order and shows how she grew up to the mature and wise pug she is now. (Yeah, as if ;-))

Beginning with the Second Year, the pug picture galleries are added and updated more randomly. You can expect a new gallery every month.

The pug picture galleries are moderated by Tullia herself, she is responsible for the comments that are added to each pictures.
Sometimes you might see a comment in a smaller font, mostly in brackets. This is me correcting her or making a comment to her comment ;-)

We hope you enjoy browsing through the galleries and have a good laugh ;-).

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