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      The Vancouver Pug Meetup Group

      Pugcanada.com  - Official Pug Canada Website

      PugPups.com  - a Pug Community with forums, pictures and more

      Pugs.com  - a very good source of Pugs information

      PugClub of Toronto

      The Pugusta Club

      No Puppy Mills Canada

      British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

      Pug Rescue Canada

      Pug Puppies Massachusetts        This site contains valuable information for puppy and dog
                                                     owners with a strong emphasis on the Pug dog breed.

      Prettypetz.net      See your pets online! See if you can win the pet pic of the day.
                                    Talk with other pet owners from around the world.

      Pet sitting Eugene Oregon

      Dog Names   Dog names from various countries in various languages. Male and female dog names.

      Big Paws - A Community for Large Breed Dogs and Their People, check out their new blog!

      Pug Dog Links Directory - A Directory for all things pug!

      Tru Framing Innovations - Unique ways to frame and mat your own pet photos.

      Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! - If you love dogs, visit I-Love-Dogs.com now for tons of free                                                          dog stuff!

       Cat Rescue Orleans (France)

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