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If you would like to have your own page here too, send me a nice email with 2 or 3 pictures and a short description of yourself (where you come from, how old you are and whatever you think should be added). It doesn't matter whether you are dog, cat or frog or even human.

28th of January 2007, Graham

Graham is a 6 month old, supercute make pug. I think I am in love again ;-)
Graham's Page

27th of September 2006, Carlito

Carlito is a 10 month old pug from Belgium. He has the cutest eyes!
Carlito's Page

28th of Mai 2006, Juana

Juana is a very cute female pug from Argentina. She likes to dress up ;-)
Juana's Page

25th of January 2006, Penelope

Penelope is a little cutie we met at Stanley Park one evening. She lives in Vancouver and maybe you will meet her at the dog area in Stanley Park.
Penelope's Page

4th of November 2005, Django

Django lives in the Netherlands and likes fishing ;-)
Django's Page

10th of October 2005, Kuma

Kuma was our foster pet for some time, check out her pics and the two movies we have of her!
Kuma's Page        Kuma's Movie 1        Kuma's Movie 2

3rd of September 2005, Arnie

Arnie lives in East Yorkshire, England, and is a black male pug. I think I am in love ;-)
Arnie's Page

27th of August 2005, Emily

Emily lives in Germany and is quite a traveler!
Emily's Page

24th of July 2005, Lucy Lu

She is the first one to appear on this site and she is a real cutie!
Lucy Lu's Page

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