Tullia's FAQ

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I know I am cute and look soooo cuddly, but this doesn't mean you have to stop us on the street and ask thousands of questions, which are mostly the same.

That's why I created this little Personal FAQ here:

  • Yes, I am a very cute puppy.
  • No, I will not stay the same size.
  • No, I am not a French Bulldog or Boxer.
  • No, my name is not Frank the Pug!
  • No, I am not a baby of that dog of the same colour running around me in the park.
  • No, I do not like to bark. But if you bug me too much, I can change my mind.
  • Yes, I can bite. I can. Really. If you don't believe me, come up and test it.
  • Yes, I know that I am very cute.
  • My eyes look so sad because of these cute wrinkles on my forehead and not because of walking too much. As a matter of fact, I slept for most of today, just as of every day.
  • No, I cannot hug everybody. I am only one dog, I cannot keep everyone happy. Want to hug a pug? Then get one and move to my neighbourhood - we will play very nicely then.
  • No, I will not tell you how much my owners paid for me, how would you feel if someone asks you how much you are in money? My owners say I am Priceless!! :-)
  • Yes, I do shed. Just look at mom's and dad's clothes.

Please keep in mind that this is Tullia's personal FAQ, not a general one.
You might understand it very soon after you took your cute little pug puppy the first time out on the street. If you live in an area where pugs are common, you might eventually get less questions causing answers as given in this FAQ.

Good Luck! ;-)

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